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The most previous researches for kinematic analysis of human movement is through the us of film, simple video observation , using motion capture techniques (optical and magnetic systems). The problem is these are not suitable for day-to-day, continuous joint monitoring.

The new approach is a technique that uses conductive fibers as part of a wearable sensor for continuous monitoring. It works in terms of resistance changes in the fibers caused by skin extension can be measured. It only focuses on a single-axis joint model for simplified problem. It uses Kalman filter to estimate joint angle with misalignment errors so that only a one-time calibration is all that is needed for everyday use.

The fibers are produced by embedding tiny particles of electrically conductive carbon powder into the surface of a nylon fiber.


– the fabric is form fitting to the skin. (35~40 percent stretchable fabric is required)

– the fabric has the necessary elastic properties.


– depends on skin’s movement

– depends on the muscle movement

– only focus on joint angle but not all axis (x, y, and specially z)


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